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LiShop (Recuerda la compra)

iPhone app with your shopping list

Simple shopping list to help you remember everything you have to buy.

With it you can set the items, categories and packaging choice. You take note of all those products have to buy. At any time you quickly record those purchases that you should do, because you always carry your iPhone with you.

At the time of purchase, you can keep track of what you've already taken and what remains to find. So do not forget anything.

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Marla - Practice English

Pronouncing inspiring quotes.

Practice English. Check if you are pronouncing English correctly.

This app show you inspiring quotes from great personalities like: Steve Jobs, Dalai Lama, Bruce Lee and many others. This app use the microphone to listen how you pronounce those quotes. While you speak, the app is going to show which words are correctly spoken (underlining with green), bad spoken (with red), or incorrectly (with orange).

Marla - Privacy Policy

This app doesn't store any personal information, incluiding voice recording: nothing is stored. Neither any information or voice recording is sent to any server or device.

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Twitter to Telegram Bot

To reduce Twitter noise

Receive the tweets of your favourite Twitter accounts. Follow the best accounts to receive updates every hour directly to your Telegram app.

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Telegram Pay Bot

Let your customers to pay your products with Telegram

Allow your clients to order your products using Telegram, let them to specify the delivery address and pay using their credit card!

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Help your team to answer emails with AI

Define email responses for each of the most received queries, and our AI will serve the correct email response to your team, saving time!

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