Walt Disney method to be creative

Posted by Daniel Vela on October 18, 2018

Walt Disnay portrait

The three minds

Walt Disney used three different minds. Every time hw wanted to solve a problem, thoughts in that problem using three different point of view. Each of this points of view corresponds with one kind of mind:

  • The dreamer mind.
  • The critical mind.
  • The realistic mind.


First you have to imagine to hava a dreamer mind and discover everything that can be done, then you have to have a realistic mind to make your discovery, to finally have a critical mind to sift the results of the other two processes.

You have to be careful not to spend too much time in one of the three states.

How to apply it

  1. Choose a problem or dream.
  2. Imagine three rooms: one for a dreamer, one for a realist and one for a “pooper” critic.
  3. Pass that problem or dream through the three rooms.
  4. Phase of dreams. Let your imagination fly to any strange nook and cranny you can think of, do not limit yourself, be always positive, imagine that there are no limits. Write results. This phase discovers the why.
  5. Realistic phase. Plan and look for ways to bring the ideas discovered in the previous phase to fruition, if possible. This phase defines the how.
  6. Critical phase. Find what is missing, estimate if it is achievable, avoid being too destructive, but always balancing the positive from the negative. This phase define the what.