New TestFlight

Posted by Daniel Vela on September 22, 2014

Apple bougth TestFlightApp. Now is integrated with the service “iTunes Connect”. The had eliminated the functionality of the SDK and I don’t know where to download the “Crash logs”: It will be odd if Apple had not included this functionality. (It’s included in the Xcode Organizer)

A very positive point is that in this new TestFlight you can upload the same ipa signed with your App Store certificate. The same .ipa fila can be used to test and to distribute to the App Store. No more you need to crate an Ad Hoc version and another App Store version.

Now the Ad Hoc provissioning profiles are only needed if you wnat to send the .ipa file by email to someone to install it using iTunes.

Something I must try is if I can send an invitation to someone whose iPhone is not registered in the provissioning portal. (yes it is)