Business Models

Posted by Daniel Vela on December 13, 2011

  1. Patients expose on the web their medical experiences.
  2. The business is sold to pharmaceutical companies and other ones interested in patients opinions.


  1. Grants for projects and contents.
  2. Flattr gets 10%.

  1. Exclusive offers for a limited time.
  2. Groupon suppliers ensures a minimum of users for each offer. It is 50% of the generated.

  1. Free Music.
  2. They have two options:
    • A free subscription supported by advertising.
    • A subscription payment.

  1. Users pay for the products promoting with their Twitter accounts.
  2. They get to be known and may be sold in the future.

  1. Users choose how much money they make. We come together with charity.
  2. Promotion.

Free with in-app sales.

  1. Application is available for free.
  2. Within the application is paid optional content.

  1. Artists can upload their products to $ 99 for other contributors to improve it.
  2. Quirky distributes the money among the contributors.

  1. Allows anyone to rent rooms to anyone.
  2. 12% commission.

  1. It is a social finance system. Crowdfounding
  2. Takes 5%.