Background iOS location

Posted by Daniel Vela on November 19, 2011


To operate the location of the iPhone in any way background should use the following:

  1. Activate the file project.plist the next value: UIBackgroundModes: Array => location
  2. Implement an CLLocationManagerDelegate intarface and enable tracing with one of two methods:
    • startMonitoringSignificantLocationChanges The problem with this method is that you throw few updates: only when there is a change in cell mobile telephony. The good thing is that it consumes little battery power.
    • startUpdatingLocation By using this method is very important correctly configure the following variables:
      • desiredAccuracy => precision
      • distanceFilter => Setting kCLDistanceFilterNone will be received position updates. Not recommended, unless high accuracy is required.

To avoid using too much battery life is better desiredAccuracy put a larger one. For example 100 m. for displaced receive updates every 100 m.