HeaderDoc for Xcode

Posted by Daniel Vela on August 5, 2011

For more information, follow this link: HeaderDoc



$ headerdoc2html MyHeader.h

This create a directory named MyHeader_H with an html documentation.


$ gatherheaderdoc MyHeader_H

For scanning the input directory for doc html and it creates and index for that doc.

Function doc sample

    @function FunctionName  
    @param k param doc.  
    @return a string.  
    This is a comment about FunctionName  
char* FunctionName(int k);  

Class doc sample

    @class IOCommandGate  
    @abstract This is a introductory explanation about the class.  
    @discussion This is a more detailed description of the class.  
    @throws foo_exception  
    @throws bar_exception  
    @namespace I/OKit  
    @updated 2003-03-15  
class IOCommandGate : public IOEcentSource  

More doc tags

@availabilitymacro, @class, @category, @protocol, @const, @define, @function, @enum, @title, @framework, @functiongroup, @header, @method, @property, @struct, @typedef, @union, @var

Other @class doc subtags

@classdesign, @coclass, @depency, @helper, @helps, @instancesize, @ownership, @performance, @security, @superclass

Other @function and @method doc subtags

@param, @result, @templatefield, @throws