@property attributes

Posted by Daniel Vela on July 18, 2011

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Property declaration:

@property(attributes) type name;

Accessor method names

  • getter=getterName Specifies the name of the getter method.
  • setter=setterName Specifies the name of the setter method.


  • readwrite Read and write property.
  • readonly Property can be only red.

Setter semantics

  • assign The setter is simple assignment. You typically use this setter with non-pointer variables like: NSInteger, float and CGRect.
  • retain Specifies that retain will be called each time a new assignment is done. The previous value of the property will be released.
  • copy A copy of the object will be used in the assignment. No retain is called, but a release is send to the previous object.


  • nonatomic It’s used in multithreaded environments to avoid that two or more different thread access the same property at same time.