This is what I do.

I'm software developer, skeptic. I believe in science, knowledge and power of human mind. Artificial Intelligence enthusiast.

I started developing software at age of 11. I've been developing apps for iOS since versión 3.30.

Creator of a shopping list application for remembering all you have to buy: LiShop for iPhone. Download from App Store

Visit LiShop Page at LiShop

My skills

I've been developing software since 35 years ago. I love iOS development, I love to design solutions and make it real.

Development languages: Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, C/C++, Python

Development environments: Xcode, Ruby On Rails, Linux, Gitlab

Deloyment environments: DigitalOcean, AWS, Heroku, Docker compose, Kubernetes, Ansible


Have questions? I have answers (maybe)

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