This is what I do.

iOS Developer, skeptic, dreamer. I believe in science, knowledge and power of human mind.

I started developing software at age of 8. I've worked for many software companies. My objective is to work for myself. Not as a freelance, but as manager of my own business.

Creator of a shopping list application for remembering all you have to buy: LiShop for iPhone. Download from App Store

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Services I offer


I can help you to start a new project or work with you all the time you need.


I can teach any programming skill to you or your team whatever your needs are. Also teach about the last programming techniques or principles like SOLID, DRY, TDD, BDD. And introduce to the world of systems.

System adminsitration

I can help you to deploy your project and keep it online, using tools like Gitlab

Continuos deployment

I can help to automate the deployment of your applications, websites or development enviroments.

My skills

I've been developing software since 20 years ago. I love iOS development, I love to design solutions and make it real.

Development languages: Swift, Objective-C, Ruby, C/C++.

Development environments: Xcode, Ruby On rails, Unix. Gitlab

Development principles: TDD, BDD, Continuous Deployment

Deloyment environments: AWS, Heroku, OpenShift